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Mercotte (“The Best Pastry Chef”) tackled by viewers: “This event is just wasteful”

The broadcast of the 11th season of the Best Pastry Chef is underway on M6. On Wednesday September 21, 2022, many viewers settled down in front of the 3rd episode which had the theme the thousand and One Nights. But not everything went as they would have liked…

To begin with, the 13 candidates still in the running had to submit to the test proposed by chef Cyril Lignac. They had two hours and not a second more to revisit this famous oriental pastry that needs no introduction: the gazelle horn.

The Best Pastry Chef: the Mercotte test creates controversy

It is the test imposed by Mercotte which will finally arouse the anger of certain viewers. The latter consisted in realizing “a tower of the palace of Scheherazade”. In other words, an imposing cake on which rises a dome, for a total height of about thirty centimeters.

In addition to being extremely complex to make, this cake has been strongly criticized for its excessive proportions. On social networks, many scandalized Internet users did not hesitate to let their dissatisfaction explode.

Viewers outraged by waste: “ Like every year, I’m scared »

On Twitter, one can read in particular: What a waste this giant cake X the number of candidates… » ; ” Another cake for 50 people impossible » ; “ As much as the other proofs, I guess everyone eats it, but this Mercotte proof is just wasteful “.

Still others have criticized Mercotte for not making the cakes that she imposes on the candidates: “ She finds the ideas, but we can see that it’s not her who makes the cake » ; “ The scam is Mercotte… she doesn’t make the cakes! “, can we for example read.

This event is really far from unanimous! And this is not the first time that viewers have complained about it: Every year, we say that the Mercotte test is WASTE, but it doesn’t listen to much huh » ; “ Like every year, I am appalled by the astronomical quantities of food wasted for the Mercotte event… »

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Some Internet users even challenge the channel directly, which they invite to act: ” Therefore M6, for the next edition: do we avoid throwing away 20 kilos of food per Mercotte event? Go on ! We trust you, you can do it! » Case to follow…

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