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she changes her haircut, but remains very Frenchy!

Emily in Paristhis is THE series that makes you want to live in the City of Lights. The adventures of Emily Cooper have not failed to melt the hearts of millions of spectators. Two colorful seasons, and everything we’ve been waiting for: what’s next! This character if endearing is played by the pretty Lily Collins.

Season 3, which is in preparation, is expected looking forward by fans. To make them wait, Netflix, as well as certain actors like Lily Collins or Camille Razat have already shared exclusive pictures. They chose social networks to do so, this Thursday, September 22. And that she was not our surprise by discovering the new haircut of the main character!

Emily goes for cute straight bangs

Yes, our favorite Emily has decided to change her look for the new season! But she stays very frenchy, of course. Indeed, this hairstyle is typically french ! And it is of course… the right fringe!

We can say that the American adapts well to its environment. Emily, who seems to have chosen to stay in Paris, chose the style. The advantage of this straight fringe? It adapts to all cuts. Long square, short square, long hair or not, we can say that it is a real hair accessory.

This style of bangs has gone through the ages, and regularly comes back into fashion. And one more advantage of this hair choice: the right fringe suitable for all face shapes. Of course, your hairdresser will be able to advise you on the length and thickness that will be suitable for you. In any case, she is going to delight to Emily, and to Lily Collins. In addition, it is quite easy to maintain and style!

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Will Emily keep her bangs for long?

On a daily basis, you can opt for a round brush coupled with a hair dryer to give it a domed effect. We can also the restyle by hand when you wake up, and it only takes a few seconds! And of course, a small passage at the hairdresser regularly will be enough to keep it at the right length. You can also let it grow, so that it turns into a curtain fringe and joins your lengths. We wonder what Emily will choose…

In any case, this simple change of hairstyle makes us want to watch the rest of Emily’s adventures in Paris. What does the sparkling Lily Collins? What new adventures will she have to overcome? The sequel very soon on netflix

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