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Nicolas Schindelholz died at 34, he leaves behind 4 children: “It’s unfair that a dad leaves so soon”

This is very sad news for football fans. Nicholas Schindelholz, former defender of FC Aarau, died on Sunday September 18 at the age of 34. The young man succumbed to lung cancer diagnosed in 2020. The player leaves behind his wife and four children.

It’s his club, the FC Aarau, who shared the tragic news on his social networks. ” FC Aarau expresses its sincere condolences to its loved ones and wishes them a lot of strength in this difficult time.“, Can we read in the press release posted on Twitter. Along with this post, club members posted a black and white photo of the player holding one of his four children. The drama did not fail to react to Internet users who shared their support to the family of Nicolas Schindelholz.

Nicolas Schindelholz died of lung cancer

The defender already had a great career to his credit. In Switzerland, Nicolas Schindelholz played for FC Thun for eight seasons, before joining FC Lucerne for the 2017-2018 season. It was during the summer of 2018 that he signed for FC Aarau, a club with which he was under contract until 2020. In his last season, in 2019-2020, he played 15 games and scored two goals before retiring due to illness.

It is now all swiss soccer who is bereaved. FC Bale, the club in which Nicolas Schindelholz was trained, also shared a moving message on social networks. L’team cries the loss of ” former U21 captain“. ” The whole of FC Bale is shocked by this sad news and sends its sincere condolences to his family.“, can we read on Twitter.

His two previous clubs, FC Basel and FC Aarau, also faced each other in the Swiss Cup, the evening of the death of Nicolas Schindelholz. In the Swiss newspaper Blickone of his former comrades, Timm Klosesaid to himself very affected by his death: He was such a great guy. I was not the most professional during the beginning of my career and he always helped me enormously. As soon as I messed up, he put me back on the right track.“, he reported.

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Many tributes on social networks

Before the diagnosis, the defender first complained of chest pain. Doctors suspected pneumonia. Nevertheless, additional examinations revealed lung cancer at a advanced stage. The chances of survival of Nicolas Schindelholz were, from the outset, considered low. The man announced the news to his closest entourage. His teammates only learned of it several weeks later, just before the resumption of the 2020/2021 season. It was a request from the player, who did not want spoil the holidays of his comrades, according to our colleagues from Blick.

After the tragic announcement and from the first warm-up, the players of FC Aarau sported a jersey with the inscription ” Team Schindi in support of their comrade and friend. The months that followed, the father of the family came regularly to attend training and most games. He also made his first steps as a coach with the junior teams. Unfortunately, the treatment was not enough and the footballer died as a result of his cancer.

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